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Friday, June 8, 2012

Farewell Franklin


     Well, the school year is finally over and I could not think of a more appropriate time to create my next story.  I have had this on my mind for some time now, considering I will be leaving my first and only Assistant Principal's post after four years to embark on my next new adventure.  Naturally, I am both ecstatic and anxious about my new assignment.  One reason for this is that I will be taking on my first Principal ship, and secondly it will be at a post at an international school.  This, too me, is an opportunity of a lifetime for my family and I both personally and professionally.  The opportunity was simply one that could not be passed upon despite my time , commitment and energy invested in such a wonderful community.  I think most people in education would concur.  However, just as important, the intent of this post was to share and reveal both reflections and thoughts about the past four years.

     To put things in perspective, if we as human beings really consider and reflect upon life in and of itself, our time here on earth is shockingly short.  Essentially, it consists of a myriad and potpourri of phases and stories.  Luckily, to this point in my life and career, I firmly believe I can say by far most of my stories have had positive or good endings.  As a person, each and everyone of us brings to the table a story.  As we go through the natural phases of life our stories unfold and grow longer and more complex if we are fortunate enough.

     This particular story is about my experience the past four years in a rural public high school in the rural mountains of western North Carolina.  The name of the school and exact location is not necessarily important to identify, but what is important are all the people whom are stakeholders of the school.  Most importantly, the teachers, the support staff and KIDS!  I have been extremely fortunate to have been associated with this particular school and community. 

     In departing, it is with bittersweet and mixed emotions for what could have been, yet I will go as I came, in the quiet of the night with the knowledge and resolve in that what I have done and my work here made a difference while being compassionate, passionate and equally genuine in all my efforts.
     I cannot adequately express here in a short story the sincere appreciation to all whom have supported me through thick and thin, and have taught me so much about what it is to serve as an administrator at your school.  This school, this town and this community was and is a wonderful place to have been able to call home.

     With this said, of all the experiences and memories that I will take with me, none will remain permanent and steadfast as part of my story  than those in which I was in a position and opportunity to have both an impact! What will be remembered are my students, as well as my teachers, and all the  authentic, caring and quality relationships in which had developed.

     To this end, I say thank you for the memories, and  I bid goodbye to this small, rural school and community. Another chapter of my story is now complete and comes to a close.  Thank you for all that you do for the children.  As always, yours in the fight and GO PANTHERS!

God Bless and Godspeed.     

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