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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding Extrinsic Motivation...

      I do not know if this is truly possible considering the daunting task I have been procrastinating over for the last 25 years?  Having been published three times with not a tremendous amount of success other than feelings of pride once my product was completed,  my would be masterpiece (in my mind) having eclipsed the 430 page mark, indexed with pictures, maps, front and rear jackets complete, yet is only shy a couple of hours of final editing!  It far exceeds my other works in depth and scope of creating and effort.

     What am I waiting for?  Why am I not motivated to complete it for good?  On top of the aforementioned, I have secured a well respected publisher who has committed to its production (only the second of my four pieces of literature).  That was three years ago.  Historians of the Civl War surely are familiar with Broadfoot Publishing Company based out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Well?

     So again, what am I waiting for, or why have I just not done it?  On a subconscious level, I am almost certain it might be the fear of not being successful again with its retailing and would be readers appreciating all the time, research and work that I have put in it...  This being the case, despite any inaccuracies which may be present or notable. 
     Don't get me wrong!  It is a great story; an attempt at both fiction and non-fiction.  Hundreds of hours researching archives at several of the more renowned universities in North Carolina, etc...  A story about an average Confederate soldier, like so many, who was common yet found himself in the midst of accomplishing and enduring uncommon trials and tribulations, etc...
     My intent, I suppose, in authoring this blog is to have interested readers provide me with some kind, or any type of, proper motivation so as to get 'er done.  Or perhaps this is my odd way in motivating myself "intrinsically" as I was to begin this trek so long ago?
     Look forward to hearing from any intrigued persons.  Godspeed and PEACE.