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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Petty Politician or Public Principal?

     To be or not to be that is the question?  There is no denying that politics pervades every essence of our being to some degree.  My quandary over the last couple of decades always returns me to the present day.  As an administrator, educator, leader and  manager  I, like all of us in positions of power and authority, find ourselves having to make decisions constantly.  Often times in making our most important decisions with the intent of magnanimous outcomes, we find ourselves critiqued and crucified.  Our decisions, and those who want to extrapolate either openly or under their collective breaths and behind closed doors, opine, judge and view who you are and what you do constantly as being incorrect, inconsequential and even malicious by colleagues as well as outsiders.

     Regardless of the issue or topic, true servants and leaders are willing to step outside and beyond the realm of prevailing politics.  They are movers, shakers and risk takers.  They constantly dodge bullets and only pop their heads up over the trench line on occasion.  Make no mistake about it, as the Good Ole Boy Network is as alive and well as ever.  Their compromising of their ethics, morals and values super cede any idea or notion of remotely doing the right thing or making the right decision... 

     As for myself, with the knowledge that we all want to be a part of something in which has a sense of belonging and identity, one must stay true to their maxim.  Perhaps this is why some find themselves, leaders or others, aloof and outside the proverbial loop and entrenched within the "network" of whomever and whatever?   Whether providing commentary or opinion on any given subject or issue, there seems to always be two sides who compete for acceptance and acknowledgment versus steadfastness and conviction...  I have heard several times from so called leaders and professionals that the reason(s) why some are favored over others, and move forward and progress in their careers, are because they are able to blend in and don't speak out or offer opinions.

     Whether a leader of a country, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a high school principal, being a servant leader ought to be our calling and charge, no less our true mission and vision.  It should be the notion of doing what is right and what is in the best interests of humanity and nothing more!  Therefore, the question remains; why are there so many uncaring, unprofessional and unworthy would be leaders and petty politicians within our ranks?  "...and that's all I have to say about that..."  Forrest Gump  



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