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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ever Been Thrown Under The Bus?

     Regardless of your job or profession, at some point(s) in your career you will have to invariably deal with these instances.  I can share several key moments in my career(s) in which it has occurred to me personally.  Rather than sharing mine primarily in the education and coaching profession, I would love to hear and consequently share through this blog and the web, people who would like to vent and share their personal experiences of this happening to them?
     My reason for posting this is to reiterate one of the primary differences between great and proficient leaders and bosses versus those that have no business supervising, let alone, managing anyone.  Despite working now for over 30 years it ceases to amaze me how often people who manage to land positions of leadership are so awful at doing so...
     By no means am I perfect and one of the world's all time great leaders in history.  To that end, and through my vast years of experiences and professional relationships I have had, I observe inconspicuously while tuning into people's actions and words hence when they are thrown under the bus.  I take keen interest, note and bookmark the subsequent actions and reactions of those who whether intentionally or not have gotten thrown under the proverbial bus.  As a leader and a coach it is our responsibility to advocate, empower, encourage, motivate and say and do what is necessary to bring out the very best in all of our employees.  To stifle them is to lead them to disrespecting you, no longer trusting you and ultimately leaving the organization the leader thinks they have a grasp of. 
     I sincerely look forward to others sharing their thoughts and experiences regarding this notion and practice.  PEACE

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