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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Don't People Matter?

     Recently came upon a tweet, and ultimately what I see as being a profound and far reaching blog, that made so much sense it reminded me of what not only I, but most people need all the time! Sadly however, it is so beyond the collective consciousness of most people that it makes too much sense to stop and think about it and put it into practice.
      I have known of the value and importance of speaking and listening to people with one's full attention for some time now, and likewise thanking people all the time. I continue to practice and reach toward perfecting these arguably instincts or skills if you will. Fortunately, in stumbling upon the aforementioned tweet and subsequent blog, this addendum to how I try and live both my personal and professional life will now be enhanced ten fold.
     Angela, I thank you for sharing with others. Beyond the two words "Thank You" it now seems to me by using the term "You Matter" can have an equally profound impact and effect on the quality of other people's lives as well. One comment shared in response to your article was equally profound as I continued to reflect on what all of the others said. This wise man suggested that humans perceive others as being either a problem, project or a person. These words do ring clearly in retrospect. Our goal as human beings should not be our concern for the superficial and perception of what others think of us but being true to ourselves in what we say and what we do regardless of the outcome or potential consequences. So why do we not practice what we preach ultimately is the definitive question, no? I can honestly say with all the hundreds, if not thousands of daily personal and professional interactions and conversations I have with all whom I encounter, I rarely ever here these two simple words uttered by anyone?

     As a coach, facilitator, father, husband, leader and professional, I think this will be part of my continued calling to help bring understanding and hope for all the people I regularly interact with each day within both the remote and happenstance, as well as part of my intimate and required forums; "You Matter!" and "Do you know and realize that You Matter?"... Beyond all my experiences, beyond all my travels, beyond all that I have witnessed and taken part in over the years, all the education that I have been exposed, these two words are prophetic in their potential to impact the quality of life for others while offering endless volumes to educate and empower one person, one at a time.
      One wise man put the complexities of life into a simple few cliches; be passionate about what it is you do, and have compassion for all others. Likewise, take care of little people, take care of the elderly and take care of all the animals.

     I suppose in contributing to a bolder and greater world for what little time we have left here on this huge earth, these few thoughts as expounded on above certainly couldn't hurt the ills and instability that seems to prevail within the context of the larger picture of all that goes round in the world...

Peace to all my brothers and sisters, and Godspeed

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